,,Nu exista infern. El este doar imaginea raiului in care cu voie sau fara voie, mutam continuu lucrurile de la locul lor.''

sâmbătă, 23 iulie 2011

going to Argos

going to Argos

40 minutes ago I wanted to send you an sms

thinking of you while I was drinking my cofee

at the terraces that you love them at night

but I didnt write because of the overly large sunshades

and of the empty place from me

which could never be taken

now I write an sms that I will not send

because it is impossible to let myself to be seen

me who I look like a broken bench next to any empty place

at the terraces that you love them at night

with the lamps big as the story of Andromeda

but with the sunshades overly large

only now I send you an sms in which I have written nothing.

translated by Zaia

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